Python Tutorial | Learn Python Programming

Python Tutorial | Learn Python Programming

Python is a versatile and beginner-friendly programming language that has gained immense popularity for its simplicity, readability, and wide range of applications. Whether you’re new to programming or looking to expand your skills, learning Python is an excellent choice. In this comprehensive guide, i’ll provide you with a curated list of resources and tutorials from my website to help you master Python programming from scratch.


  1. Introduction To Python Programming Language
  2. Free Online Python IDLE for Practicing
  3. Variables
  5. print() function
  6. Data Types
  7. Operators
  8. Is Python Dynamically typed programming language or Statically typed?
  9. List
  10. String
  11. Tuple
  12. Set
  13. Dictionary
  14. Mutable and Immutable objects
  15. Difference between a list and a tuple
  16. Number functions
  17. Type Casting
  18. How to Take User Input?
  19. List Methods
  20. List Slicing
  21. String Methods
  22. String Slicing
  23. Different ways to Reverse a String
  24. f-strings
  25. Tuple Methods
  26. Tuple slicing
  27. Set Methods
  28. Set Operations
  29. Dictionary Methods
  30. Conditional Statements
  31. Short-Circuit Operators
  32. what is Indentation?
  33. for and while loop
  34. range() function
  35. break, continue, and pass keywords
  36. List Comprehension
  37. Dictionary Comprehension
  38. How To Define a User Defined Function?
  39. Functions
  40. How to Create an Empty Function?
  41. Match – Case Statement
  42. lambda function
  43. How to define main function?
  44. What does the if __name__ == “__main__”: do?
  45. *args and **kwargs
  46. id() function
  47. Modules
  48. How to import modules?
  49. Exception Handling
  50. raise keyword
  51. Difference between Python 2.x and Python 3.x
  52. File Handling
  53. Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
  54. How to Create an Empty Class?
  55. Is Python Object-oriented programming language or Functional programming language or Both?
  56. Difference Between Method and Function?
  57. Map() function
  58. Iterators
  59. Generators
  60. yield Keyword
  61. Decorators
  62. Introduction to pandas
  63. How to read a csv file using pandas?
  64. Introduction to numpy


  1. Python program to add two numbers
  2. Python – Program for Maximum of two numbers
  3. Python – program to print even natural number upto n
  4. Python – program to print first n even natural numbers
  5. Python – program to print first n odd natural numbers
  6. Python – program to print odd natural number upto n
  7. Python – program to calculate simple interest
  8. Python – program to calculate Compound Interest
  9. Python – Program to Find Area of a Circle
  10. Python – Program to Find Circumference of a Circle
  11. Python – Program to find ASCII value of a character
  12. Python program to calculate Median of a integer list
  13. Python program to convert Centimeter into Inches
  14. Python program to find the roots of a quadratic equation
  15. Python – Sum of product of each element with each element after it in the List
  16. Python | program to check each string in the list of strings whether it is palindrome or not and showing that result in the list of tuple forms
  17. Python – Program to accept only binary string
  18. Python – Program for Factorial of a Number
  19. Python – Program for Sum of squares of first n natural numbers
  20. Python – Program for Sum of cubes of first n natural numbers
  21. Python | Program that matches a word containing ‘a’ in the given string by using regular expression
  22. Python – Program for counting number of letters in a word
  23. Python – Program for checking a number is Armstrong or not?
  24. Python – Program for checking whether a number is Prime or not?
  25. Python – Program for printing Prime Numbers from the List of Numbers

Practice Papers:

  1. Python- practice paper – 1
  2. Python- Practice Paper – 2 (Predict the outputs)

Mini Projects:

  1. Number Guessing Game in Python
  2. QR Code Generator in Python
  3. QR Code Generator GUI in Python
  4. Python – How to create a Counter Gui Application
  5. Python – Dice Rolling Simulator GUI
  6. Python | Simple Notepd Gui Application using tkinter

Cheat Sheets: Python Beginners Cheat Sheets


Congratulations on reaching the end of my ultimate Python programming guide for beginners! I hope this curated list of resources and tutorials from my website will serve as a valuable resource in your journey to master Python programming. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance your skills, remember to practice regularly, experiment with different projects, and never stop learning. Happy coding!


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