Python | Getting started with EXCEL using Openpyxl – Intro | Part-1

Excel is a widely used spreadsheet application that allows users to organize, analyze, and visualize data. Python, a powerful programming language, provides various libraries for interacting with Excel files, and one such library is Openpyxl. In this article, we will explore how to leverage Openpyxl to automate Excel tasks, such as creating new workbooks and manipulating data.

Python | Generating Fake Data using Python

In the world of data analysis, data generation plays a critical role in various fields such as machine learning, data mining, and artificial intelligence. However, collecting large amounts of real data can be time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, fake data generation using tools like the Mimesis module in Python can be an efficient alternative.

Apache Airflow | Write your first DAG in Apache Airflow

Apache Airflow is an open-source platform that allows developers to programmatically create, schedule, and monitor workflows as directed acyclic graphs (DAGs). With Airflow, you can define complex workflows with dependencies and execute them automatically or manually. In this article, we will guide you through the process of setting up Airflow and creating your first DAG.

Infosys – HackWithInfy Coding practice problem – 2 : Players

Ravi and Shanu play a game. Initially they write N random numbers on a sheet of paper. Suppose the integers written are a1, a2, a3 …..,an. Now they start playing a game. In each turn a player selects a number and erases it from the sheet.

Infosys – HackWithInfy Coding practice problem – 1 : Auction Winner

You are at a fine art auction and are looking for a specific painting. There are N people who have gathered to place a bid on that same painting.The rules of at this auction are a bit different, Such that, the person with the lowest unique bid wins the auction.

Infosys InfyTQ Practice Problem – 1 | Four Digit OTP

Problem Statement: You will be given a number in the form of the string, extract out digits at odd index then square and merge them. The first 4 digits will be the required OTP which shows as output. If 4 digit OTP is not generated then give output -1.

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