TCS NQT Coding Question-5: Count of Elements

TCS NQT Coding Question-5: Count of Elements

In this post, we will see the solution of the Python Coding Question which is already asked in the TCS NQT Exam.

Problem Statement: Given an integer array Arr of size S the task is to find the count of elements whose value is greater than all of its left-hand elements.

Note: 1st element of the array should be considered in the count of the result.

For example:


As 70 is the first element, it will consider in the result.

80 and 90 are also the elements that are greater than all of its left hand elements.

Since total of 3 elements is present in the array that meets the condition.

Hence the output = 3.

Example 1:

5 -> Value of S, represents size of Arr
70-> Value of Arr[0]
40 -> Value of Arr[1]
80-> Value of Arr[2]
20-> Value of Arr[3]
90-> Value of Arr[4]
Output :

Example 2:
5 -> Value of S, represents size of Arr
30 -> Value of Arr[0]
40 -> Value of Arr[1]
50 -> Value of Arr[2]
80 -> Value of Arr[3]
90 -> Value of Arr[4]




# taking inputs
S = int(input())
Arr = list(map(int,input().strip().split()))

# initialize the value
max_value = 0
count_element = 0

# iterate through each element from the Arr
for element in Arr:
    # check for max if condition satisfied
    # then update the max value
    # and increment the count by 1
    if element > max_value:
        count_element += 1
        max_value = element

print("Result:", count_element)


70 40 80 20 90
Result: 3

Time complexity: O(N)
Space complexity: O(1)

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