Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Personal information related…

We don’t ask for your personal information, BioChemiThon is a completely login free website, where you do not need to sign up, share your personal information.

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We use Google as our Advertising partner.

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  • Keywords (like Python etc) used in this website are the trademarks of their respective owners/company. This website is not affiliated with any company. The tutorials are designed by BioChemiThon Team with the help of well-known books and other online resources. These Tutorials are free for all, for learning purposes only.
  • Any individual is not allowed to republish BioChemiThon’s content either online or offline, without written permission from BioChemiThon.
  • Anyone can use examples for learning purposes and may share the code online with the reference of the post.
  • The content providers by the team members including admin(s) are not associated with their employers/company (If someone is working).
  • We don’t make any guarantees about the completeness, reliability, and accuracy of the available information.
  • The information available on our website is only for academic educational purposes and to spread information.
  • Any medical information available on our site is only for educational purposes you must not try any of them in your daily life before consulting your doctor. As we do not take guarantee on the safety of any product or treatments.

Privacy policies of third party vendors

We are using Google to publish ads on our website; Google has its own privacy policies. They may save log, cookies on your system. Google may also collect information about your system like IP address, region, city, country. For more details please go through Google’s privacy policy.

Cookies related…

We may use cookies, browser’s local storage to serve the information based on your preferences, other third-party vendors like Google may also save, read the cookies.

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