Python – Program for Maximum of two numbers

Python – Program for Maximum of two numbers

In this article, We will see different ways to write a Python code to find the maximum of two numbers.


Input: number1 = 10, number2 = 5
Output: 10

Input: number1 = 25, number2 = 50
Output: 50

Now, let’s see the different ways to code this program:
Code 1: By using Comparison Operator.

# given input
number1 = 10
number2 = 5

# check for greater value
if number1 > number2 :
    print("Maximum:", number1)
    print("Maximum:", number2)


Maximum: 10

Code 2: By using max() built-in function.

# given input
number1 = 20
number2 = 25

# max() built-in function call
# for finding maximum 
# of two numbers
print("Maximum:", max(number1,number2))


Maximum: 25

Code 3: By creating user-defined function.

# Create a user defined function
# for finding maximum of two
# numbers
def maximum(number1, number2) :
    # return maximum value
    return max(number1, number2)

# main code
if __name__ == "__main__" :
    # taking input from user and
    # convert it into int data type
    number1 = int(input("Enter 1st Number:"))
    number2 = int(input("Enter 2nd Number:"))
    # function calling and printing
    print("Maximum:", maximum(number1, number2))


Enter 1st Number:45
Enter 2nd Number:65
Maximum: 65

Code 4: By Creating anonymous : one- line function.

# Create a anonymous/lambda function
# for finding maximum of two
# numbers
maximum = lambda number1, number2 : number1 if number1 > number2 else number2

# main code
if __name__ == "__main__" :
    # given input
    number1 = 25
    number2 = 50
    print("Maximum:", maximum(number1 , number2))


Maximum: 50

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