Top 10 Famous Hr Interview Questions And Their Answers

Top 10 Famous Hr Interview Questions And Their Answers

Preparing for an HR interview is essential to making a positive impression and landing the job.

Here are some Famous Hr Interview Questions And Their Answers :

1) Can you tell me a little about yourself?

Sample answer: “I am a highly motivated individual with a strong work ethic. I am a quick learner and am always willing to take on new challenges. I have a passion for the industry and am excited about the opportunity to bring my skills and experience to your company.”

2) Why do you want to work here?

Sample answer: “I have researched the company and am impressed with its reputation for innovation and success. I am particularly drawn to the company’s mission and values, and am excited about the opportunity to be a part of such a dynamic and forward-thinking organization.”

3) What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

Sample answer: “My greatest strength is my ability to learn quickly and adapt to new situations. My weakness is that I can be a bit of a perfectionist and sometimes struggle with delegating tasks.”

4) How do you handle difficult situations or people?

Sample answer: “I remain calm and professional in difficult situations. I try to understand the other person’s perspective and find a solution that is mutually beneficial. I also make sure to communicate effectively and clearly to avoid any misunderstandings.”

5) Can you give an example of a time when you had to problem-solve in a previous job?

Sample answer: “In my previous job, I was part of a team that was struggling to meet a deadline for a project. I identified the root cause of the problem, which was a lack of clear communication and organization. I organized a team meeting and we developed a plan of action, which included setting clear goals, assigning responsibilities, and establishing a consistent communication schedule. Through this, we were able to meet the deadline.”

6) How do you handle stress and pressure?

Sample answer: “I handle stress and pressure by staying organized and prioritizing my tasks. I also make sure to take breaks and practice self-care to maintain my focus and energy levels. Additionally, I stay positive and keep a clear perspective on the situation.”

7) How do you prioritize and manage your workload?

Sample answer: “I prioritize my tasks by assessing the importance and urgency of each one. I then create a schedule and set deadlines for myself to ensure that I stay on track. I also make sure to stay organized and maintain clear and consistent communication with my team.”

8) Why should we hire you?

Sample answer: “I am a highly qualified candidate with the skills and experience necessary to excel in this role. I am also a quick learner, highly motivated and have a strong work ethic. Additionally, I am a team player and have a passion for the industry. I am confident that I would be a valuable asset to your company.”

9) What are your career goals and how do you plan to achieve them?

Sample answer: “My career goal is to become a team leader in my field. I plan to achieve this goal by continuing to learn and grow in my current role, taking on additional responsibilities and seeking out opportunities for professional development. I also plan to network and build relationships within the industry.”

10) Can you tell me about a time when you went above and beyond in your job?

Sample answer: “In my previous job, there was a project that was behind schedule. I noticed that the team was struggling and I took the initiative to stay late and come in early to help them catch up. I also organized a team meeting and developed a plan of action to get the project back on track. We were able to deliver the project on time and received positive feedback from the client.”



Job interview preperation is much like preparing for an exam in school/college, you need to do your research and practice.


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