Discover My Topmate Services

Discover My Topmate Services

In this article, I will be listing down and explain all my services available on topmate platform but before this let’s talk about topmate first. is a platform that enables you to connect with your audience through 1:1 session – to share your knowledge and monetise your time better.

Now, let’s explore my diverse range of services available on the Topmate platform:
Resume Review: In this, I will review your Resume, help you on how to customise your resume according to the role you are applying for, suggest changes if needed, give you tips on how you can make your resume applicant tracking system (ATS) friendly and solve any queries you have related to your resume.

Discovery Call: Don’t know how I can help you? Then book this quick discovery call where I will try my best to learn more about you and we will find ways to help you reach your goals.

1:1 Mentorship: If you are someone who feels stuck in your career or confused on how to move further and seek personalised 1:1 guidance to clear your roadblocks, you’re at the right place. I will patiently listen to what you say and with my experience provide step-by-step actionable and practical tips to move past these momentary blocks and ace your career.

Big Data Mock interview: The best way to ace an interview is to do Mock Interviews with a friend or me! In the call, I will help you in your interview preparation for your next job / internship through a Mock Session. This session will be structured in line with the industry and role you are looking for and help you get a feel of how it really feels to be in an interview.

Doubt session (python/PySpark/Spark): If you want 1:1 help in solving your doubts related to Python/PySpark/Spark then this call is for you.

Big data Career guidance: In this call, I will address in detail any query you may have regarding your career, any obstacles you may be facing and help you gain clarity on further steps to take and decisions to make when it comes to your planning your career.

Big data Interview prep & tips: If you have an Interview due soon and feel unprepared, don’t worry because I’ve got you. In this call, I give you good tips and discuss the frequently asked questions which will help you get an idea of the process, build confidence and ace the interview for the job/internship you’ve been eyeing for long.

Quick Meet/Chat: Want to get on a 1-on 1 call with me and have a brief discussion about what I do, how I can help you or talk about anything under the umbrella of career guidance?

Want to know about my experience in IT? (Clg guys): This service is specifically for college students/freshers, who just want to know how’s the life in IT sector looks like in service-based companies (ex: Infosys, TCS, Capegemini etc).

Download the given below free cheat sheets from the respective links:
1) Python Beginners Cheat Sheets
2) PySpark Beginners Cheat Sheet
3) Practical Git Guide

Checkout my page here: topmate-Ankit Rai

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