Aarete – Data Engineer Interview Experience | Round – 1

Aarete – Data Engineer Interview Experience | Round – 1

In this post, we will see the questions asked in the 1st round of Aarete company Interview for 1.5+ year of experience guy in big data field.

Let’s see the questions:

1) Tell us about your technical experience?
2) What is the difference between Row_number(), Rank() and Dense_rank() functions?
3) What is the difference between Union and Union All? Which one is fast and why?
4) What are the different types of joins you have study in SQL?
5) Suppose one table has 10 records and one table has 4 records so after applying cross join between two tables, how many records you will get in the result?
6) What are the different ways to read csv file in Python?
7) How to interact with Google Big Query with the help of Python?
8) How to automate your code in Python for inserting data into Big Query?
9) How to merge two tables data into one? provided structure of the both tables are same.
10) On which type of columns partition_by can be used in Big Query?
11) From Big Query UI , where you found partition_by option?
12) Can we convert/modify partitioned table into non-partitioned table and vice-versa in Big Query? if yes then how?
13) How can we convert multi-level nested json file into flat during loading of that file into final table of BIG Query?
14) Suppose There are two tables:

  • Customer : Having customer related information like customer_id, name, dob, address, contact_number etc.
  • Sales : Having Sales related information like product_id, customer_id, product_name, quantity, price, purchase_date etc.

a) Find out the total sales amount which made by those customer whose are borned in the given DOB range (1998-01-15 to 2000-01-15) ?
b) Find out the names of top 5 candidates whose made up a higher purchase in the last quarter of the year?

15) Did you work on Data Warehouse?
16) How to cast Integral column to the String column in Big Query and vice-versa?
17) What is the difference between safe_cast() and cast() function in Big Query?
18) Big Query has indexes or not? if not then why?
19) Did you worked on DataWarehouse?

This interview was held around for 45 minutes through microsoft teams Video Call.

Check out the given link for knowing about this company: https://www.aarete.com/

Check out the given link for knowing about this company rating on glassdoor: https://www.glassdoor.co.in/Overview/Working-at-AArete-EI_IE406227.11,17.htm?countryRedirect=true

Check out the given link for this company profile on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/aarete/

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