Why GFG (GeeksForGeeks) is the best website to earn money online for Students / IT – professionals ?

Why GFG (GeeksForGeeks) is the best website to earn money online for Students / IT – professionals ?

In this post, I am talking about why GFG website is the best website to earn money online for computer science Students / IT – professionals.

Let’s see what are the multiple ways to earn money online from GeeksForGeeks website.

  • Write An Article:
  • You can either write a new article or pick any article from the picked article section.

    • Write new article:
    • If you know the topic which are not published yet on gfg then you can write and submit your article.

    • Write Picked Article:
    • If you won’t able to find any topics which are not published on gfg then no worries you can go to the picked article section from where you can select any article for writing.

    You can refer to this link:Guidelines: How to write an Article ?.

  • Improve An Article:
  • There are multiple ways to improve an article.

    • Code Addition:
    • For now gfg is accepting Codes in given 5 languages :C, C++, Python3, Java, C# and JavaScript. If you see any program which has one language code is missing then you can add that language code.

    • Adding new Approach:
    • You can add additional approach to the existing article. For example: If you see one article where code is implemented in O(n 2 ) and you know the approach of O(n) then you can add that approach to an existing article.

    • Correct grammatical errors or adding some more descriptions or examples:
    • If You can correct any grammatical errors or explain the example in easy language then you can add that also.

    You can refer to this link: How to Improve an Article ?.

  • Write Interview Experience:
  • You can write your company interview experience. You can refer to this link:How to write an Interview Experience?.

  • Create Video Content:
  • You can create videos on any topic available on the GFG website and submit them to the GFG for publishing on GFG youtube channel. You can refer to this link: How to contribute videos to GeeksforGeeks?.

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