Fossil Group – Data Engineer Interview Experience| Round – 1

Fossil Group – Data Engineer Interview Experience| Round – 1

In this post, we will see the questions asked in the 1st round of Fossil Group company Interview for 1.5+ year of experience guy in big data field.

Let’s see the questions:

  1. Introduce Yourself?

2. Interviewer show me a 2 table consisting of some records, let’s say 1st table contains 8 records and 2nd table contains 2 records and 1 column is common in both the tables (id column). How many records you will get and  Also, Explain your answer if,

    • Inner join applied
    • Left join applied
    • Right join applied
    • Full outer join applied

3. Difference between Row_number , Rank and Dense_Rank functions?

4. Write a sql query to update Gender column of the table if Gender column contains “M” then “F” and if “F” then “M” values?

5. Can we use case statements in update Query?

6. Tell me the execution sequence of SQL Clauses?

7. Tell me the difference between internal and external table in Hive?

8. Define Airflow?

9. What is Airflow operator?

10. Tell me the name of some airflow operators?

11. How to Find duplicates in the table, Let’s suppose you have to decide this on basis of 1 or 2 columns.

12. Write a Query to select only latest Record if there are duplicates based on time of insertion column?

13. Write a Query to Delete all records except latest record in case of duplicate records in the table.

14. What is CTE (Common Table Expression) and why it is used ?

15. Why having clause is only used after Group by clause in SQL query?

16. How to copy the structure of one table into another new table ?

17.  Tell me about any challenging situation you had faced during your projects?

18. What is your Goal/ aspiration?

19. Which one do you like either Team work or Individual work?

20. How to deal with your mistake if you did?

21. Why you want to leave your current job so early?

This interview was held around for 1 hour through Google Meet video call and taken by Team lead.

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