Coronavirus i.e. SARS CoV2 has the origin from china as China reported its first case on 31st  December coronavirus causes infection in the lungs causes pneumonia, through this the oxygen supply to the tissues and organs decreases as the lungs get filled with the fluid the alveoli functioning gets disturbed and the gaseous exchange will not occur through proper rate even the human body have ace 2 receptors in other cells also like kidney, liver, testis, etc so the entering of SARS-CoV2 in all these organs has the same passage i.e. ace2 receptor.

Effect of SARS-CoV2 on male fertility

Coronavirus also has the potential to affect the male fertility through Ace2 receptor as we know coronavirus enters the human body through nasal or mouth passage and enters in lungs through ace2 receptor and damages the lungs by lowering the gaseous exchange at the same time it can enter in Leydig and Sertoli cells through ace2 receptor and damage the functioning of Sertoli cells and Leydig cells. Sertoli cells help in the nourishment of developing sperm and Leydig cells help in the production of testosterone, entering of SARS into these cells damage the cells and affect male fertility. SARS i.e. severe acute respiratory syndrome also originated from china and shares a 78% amino acid sequence with the SARS-CoV2. SARS also affect male fertility as they also enter through the ace2 receptor and damages the Leydig and Sertoli cells and eventually affect the male fertility and lowers testosterone production.

what is Rnaught of Covid-19?

The Rnaught value of sarscov2 is 2.2 i.e. very high and spread very fast in the community even if the mortality rate is very low. The high Rnaught shows that it affects the large population and through this the male fertility effect very badly.

As there is no vaccine right now to reduce the effect of sarscov2. By having a healthy diet and regular exercise may help to  reduce the virulence of this virus.

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