Creation of Linked List in Python

Creation of Linked List in Python

In this post, we will see how to create a Linked List of 3 nodes in Python.

For creating a Linked List of 3 Nodes. We would first need to create 3 Nodes and then point next of Node1 to Node2, next of Node2 to Node3.

Implementation Steps:

  • Create a Node class with the constructor.
  • Create a 3 Objects of Node class with given values.
  • Assigning the next Node references to the current Node.

let’s see the code implementation:

# Define a Node class
class Node:

    # Define a constructor for
    # initializing data and nextRef
    # member values
    # d : data
    # self : refer to current object 
    def __init__(self, d) : = d
        self.nextRef = None

# Main code
if __name__ == "__main__" :

    # Create a Node object
    # with given data
    node1 = Node(10)
    # print(
    node2 = Node(20)
    node3 = Node(30)

    # Assigning references
    node1.nextRef = node2
    node2.nextRef = node3

    # print(
    # print(node1.ref)

    # point head to starting
    # node of linked list
    head = node1
    temp = head

    print("Data in 3 node Linked List are: ")

    # Traversing through nodes
    # of Linked List
    while temp != None :

        # print the data of nodes
        print(, end = " ")

        # move to next node
        temp = temp.nextRef


Data in 3 node Linked List are: 
10 20 30

Thanks for reading this Post.

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