Infosys InfyTQ Practice Problem – 1 | Four Digit OTP

Problem Statement: You will be given a number in the form of the string, extract out digits at odd index then square and merge them. The first 4 digits will be the required OTP which shows as output. If 4 digit OTP is not generated then give output -1.

TCS Xplore CPA Python Coding Question -1 with Solution

In this post, we will see Python Coding Question asked in TCS Xplore CPA with Solution. Create a class Painting with the below attributes: paintingID: string type painterName: string type paintingPrice: int type painting type: string type create constructor (__init__ method) which takes all the above attributes in the same sequence. Method will set the […]

How to Delete a specific Row from a Given SQLite Table using Python?

SQLite is a self-contained, high-reliability, embedded, full-featured, public-domain, SQL database engine. It is the most used database engine on the world wide web. Python has a library to access SQLite databases, called sqlite3. Let’s see how we can delete a specific row from a given Sqlite table. First, Let’s create a database and table then […]